John Packer JP2052 Marching French Horn

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Manufacturer: John Packer
Model: 2052S
Key: B flat
Bore: .472"
Bell: 10.125"
Finish: Silver Plate
Comes with hard shell case and a mouthpiece

The JP Marching French Horn is designed to capture the warm tonal colors associated with the traditional French Horn. Its forward-facing design allows for the projection of sound across the marching field, ensuring that the instrument's expressive and resonant qualities are well-heard in outdoor settings.
Featuring many of the characteristics that make the French Horn unique, this marching version offers musicians the opportunity to bring the distinctive and rich tones of the French Horn to the marching band environment. Whether contributing to a traditional marching band or exploring new musical avenues, the JP Marching French Horn is crafted to provide both the tonal qualities and projection necessary for a compelling outdoor performance.


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